Juanes NFT

Juanes NFT

Crypto Artist 1/1 | Living in ETH


MARKETPLACE: Foundation.app


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Personal Details

  • Birthday: 8 December
  • Age: Very Young 🙂
  • Nationality Colombian
  • 1st Technique: Cubism
  • 2nd Technique: Abstract
  • Ability: Sensory Art


My name is Juan Esteban Echeverri and I am best known in the crypto world as Juanes NFT, I am a web designer, advertiser, photographer, digital marketing expert, and graphic illustrator. From a very young age, I have had a pencil in my hand thanks to the influence of my mother who is also a publicist and graphic artist.

I am a little restless, a little hyperactive, and I somehow have a complex personality but I am a super good friend and helpful to those I love. From a very young age, I channel my energy and reset all my ideas for a good while every morning. At the end of each practical meditation session, with something called visual projections, I learned to channel myself through my hand to the canvas and that is now my greatest artistic skill.

I project my mental ideas through my hand to the canvas, closing my eyes for a few seconds to sharpen my sensory and spatial sense managing to capture the main lines of what will later become a spectacular NFT work in the best cubist and abstract style, unique and unrepeatable.

"If they make repeat an illustration I will not be able to, each piece is unique and unrepeatable."

Note: always agree to buy any of my works from my website or official social networks, verify that it is my coinage profile, and avoid falling into fake profiles, I will never contact you directly before you become an official collector but you can contact me through my official networks, I would love to☺️✌🏼. I will never ask you to donate to my name or lie to me by sending ETH or another crypto to my wallet directly...



Private Telegram

Access to my NFT Community on Telegram where I have close communication with all my collectors. (you must send me a request by twitter to accept them)

Exclusive information Social Support:

Be part of the ArtWoo community which will contribute to the social inclusion of the less fortunate with partial or total visual impairment of the non-profit Hogar Taller para Ciegos Ángel de Luz


Jazzsoul - ArtWoo by Juanes NFT
Passion - ArtWoo by Juanes NFT
Lets go - ArtWoo by Juanes NFT


Hogar Taller para Ciegos Angel de Luz

My main skill as an Artist is to project and capture what I have in my mind to a canvas or tablet without needing to see, by drawing I close my eyes for a few seconds letting my imagination fly.

But some people cannot see permanently and I want to help them have a better quality of life, for this reason, I will donate 20% of the total sales of the ArtWoo collection to the "Fundación Hogar Taller para Ciegos Ángel de Luz". The foundation I chose provides rehabilitation, support in social inclusion, education, and visual recovery in cases that can be done through reconstructive surgeries.

I will also provide design, development, and advisory support on my own to the foundation to improve its services and make them digital. This will help to increase the families that I can support and benefit from.

(Losing vision or being born without this important sense not only affects the blind person but their entire family environment.)


The (NFT) Non-Fungible Tokens or non-expendable tokens in Spanish are unique digital tokens, not duplicable or divisible, which contain information about their owner and are registered through smart contracts. These make it possible to demonstrate the authenticity, ownership, and scarcity of digital assets. Basically, they replicate in the digital world the concepts of ownership, uniqueness, and scarcity that we have in the physical world. This can mean a real revolution in many sectors of the economy.

All about NFTs

We must keep in mind that we will have to meet certain requirements to acquire an NFT. The first thing would be to register on the Foundation.app que es donde está acuñada la colección de ArtWoo. collection is coined. In turn, it is necessary to have a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the blockchain of the market where we want to buy or sell.

Another small detail is the subject of transactions. For Ethereum-based NFTs, you need to have a few ETH en el monedero para pagar las transacciones. Podrás comprarlos en tu Exchange preferido como Binance y luego pasar los ETH necesarios a tu Wallet.

What you will need is a wallet or Wallet, one of the most famous is MetaMask. 

Open an account on Foundation.app

Metamask is a free crypto wallet that is used as a browser extension. Basically, it acts as a "bridge" between your computer, conventional websites, and the blockchain (in this case Ethereum). It can be used with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave and there are apps for Android and IOs.

Metamask is an easy-to-use tool and allows us to store ETH and other Ethereum blockchain-based assets such as NFTs or POAPs. In addition, it allows us to interact with decentralized applications (dApps). It is also compatible with cold wallets such as Ledger or Trezor, so security is very high.

Learn how to configure MetaMask

ArtWoo will live on the Ethereum (ETH) will be minted in Foundation.app


ArtWoo is not a collection of Avatars with oddities or shortages, nor are they all minted at the same time giving a special price to those who belong to a WL.

Each Artwoo NFT is made 1 to 1 by Juanes making each piece unique and unrepeatable. Each week 1 or more NFT works will be minted to Foundation.app and those who belong to the Priority List, will be initially notified, only he or the first to arrive will be able to buy the work(s) of that week, the following week new works are released with a small increase in their price as each block evolves.

Some of the works will be put up for public auction and it is important to be able to arrive on time since it only lasts 24 Hrs. It will only be announced to the priority lists of the Collectors of Juanes

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I am a Cryptographic Artists 1/1. Unique NFTs Design I have been unrepeatable for Art Collectors and Investors who like Abstract Cubism… In addition I practice «Sensory Art» which allows me to close my eyes and transmit my thoughts to a canvas and generate incredible works.

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Art 1/1 | From my head to your Wallet
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